Yara Ma Yha Who

An illustration for a book by Capstone Press about vampires.

The yara ma yha who is an Australian Aboriginal blood-sucking beastie. It  hides in trees and jumps down on victims, wrapping its limbs around them and drawing their blood with the suctions on its hands and feet to weaken them. Then it swallows the victims whole, drinks a lot of water and falls asleep. While it is sleeping the victims are regurgitated. If the victim is still alive it can escape before the creature wakes up and starts the process all over again. The more times a victim is swallowed, the more the victim becomes another yard ma yha who.

Mary Poppins poster

Poster for a local high school production of the musical.

Early Literacy Skills Poster

Illustration in watercolor and colored pencil.
Many of the ideas for the creatures came from an internet search, cute monsters.

Greek Gods I





A Midsummer Night's Dream

These images were painted for a show at a local library celebrating Shakespeare's Birthday. They depict scenes from one of his plays. The first is Puck & Bottom. The second shows the four lovers. The third depicts Titania and Oberon. They are painted in acrylic washes.

Waterford Institute Book Illustrations

The following are examples of some of the books that I illustrated for Waterford Institute. They are number books that encourage the reader to count a certain number of objects in each scene. I designed the compositions, drew the images and created the final artwork. They are all painted in acrylic. The book titles pictured here are : Look for Three (set in China), The Search for Eleven (pirates), and Fourteen Camel Caravan.

More Waterford book illustration

More illustrations from Waterford books. These books are reading, and math books. The titles are: Ooey Gooey Mud, Sophie Germain, Number 20 Old Creek Road, and The Germs. . They are painted in acrylic and pastel.

Gallery of Terror

For several years, the artists at my former workplace would submit entries for a Halloween gallery. There was usually a theme each year. The following pieces represent entries over the years.

Baron Samedi and Mistress Erzouli. 2004. Acrylic and pencil.

Something Wicked This Way Comes. 2006. Acrylic.

Freak Show/ Psycho Circus. The Illustrated Blade and Mademoiselle Lightning. 2005. Acrylic and pencil.

Mandragora Sapiens. Acrylic.

Graveyard Tryst. Acrylic.